Uniform & Stationery


Stationery packs are available from MySchool OfficeMax. The student stationery can also be purchased from any stationary shop of your choice. You can download a copy of the stationary list here. Please have stationery named and books covered, ready for use on day one.


The Howick Intermediate uniform is supplied by John Russell Schoolwear in Howick. We take a good deal of pride in the presentation of our students and appreciate your support in helping us to maintain the high standards that have been established. 

You can download a copy of the uniform price list with examples of acceptable footwear here.

For summer (Term 1 and 4) students wear plain, flat black school sandals. For winter (Term 2 and 3), students wear leather lace-up or buckled school shoes (no sports, sneaker or skate style shoes and no flat pump/ballet/slip-on style shoes). In winter, girls wear long, knee length white socks and boys wear long, grey knee length socks with gold and burgundy stripes. Socks are expected to be worn pulled up.

A reminder that our policy stipulates one small plain stud in each ear lobe (no gems or colours). Other body piercing is not accepted unless for genuine religious or cultural reasons. A wristwatch may be worn.

Hair is not to be coloured or dyed in any way, including extreme colouring, changing hair colour, streaks or patches of colour, and the use of hair styling products is not permitted. No shaving with designs in hair.  Hair over the collar or longer is expected to be tied back. Hair ties should be black, white or burgundy.

Cosmetics are not to be worn to school.

Wearing the school hat is compulsory during Term 1 and 4.

The school jacket is an optional uniform item. It may be purchased to provide additional warmth.

We hold one second-hand uniform sale annually. Traditionally this is held on the day after school closes for the year. More information is provided in our school newsletter closer to the time.