• Howick Intermediate

    Howick Intermediate

    A school of excellence where every person is enabled to succeed in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.
  • At Howick Intermediate we thrive on 'PRAISE’

    At Howick Intermediate we thrive on 'PRAISE’

    Perseverance, Respect, Attitude, Integrity, Service and Excellence are the hallmarks of success and we make these key features of our school
  • Howick Intermediate

    Howick Intermediate

    A school of excellence where every person is enabled to succeed in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.
  • Howick Intermediate

    Howick Intermediate

    De Bon Vouloir Servir
    "To serve with goodwill"
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HIS Technology and Specialist News Wall

Visual Art

 Howick APR2018 076

Having the appreciation of Visual Art challenges and stimulates students through an array of varying art processes and mixed media. Howick Intermediate school  is extremely fortunate with the outstanding resources available for the Visual Arts, allowing students to discover their artistic abilities using a diverse range of mediums and techniques. Student’s artwork is exhibited within the community, throughout the year and our school is greatly enhanced by the variety and beauty of student creations throughout our school. Students also have opportunities to design and create garments in several wearable arts competition throughout the year. Students also have the opportunity to showcase their artworks in the anual Auckland Intermediate art exhibition.

Both year 7 and 8 students enjoy a eight week art programme with two classes per week. A gifted and talented programme also runs every Friday afternoon  for both Year 7 and 8 students. This gives these students the opportunity to explore visual arts further and work collaboratively on school wide beautification projects.




Howick MAR 2018 073

Science allows students to explore the world around them.  They learn to think like a scientist and apply the science capabilities through taking part in hands on experiments that challenge their thinking.  Students will use a variety of scientific equipment and have the opportunity to design and carry out their own investigations.  
Key concepts in physics and chemistry will be covered with links to other areas of science.  They will also make links between science and the issues facing our world today.  Students will have the opportunity to use digital technologies in conjunction with science, learning to code a solution to a science based problem.

Performing Arts

 Howick MAR 2018 121

Howick Intermediate School offers an exciting and stimulating performing arts programme.  The students get to experience a range of dance, music and drama activities. Over the course of the eight week programme the students have an opportunity to choreograph and perform an item in front of an authentic audience.

The extra curricular activities that the performing arts offer are many and varied.  These include rock band, school choir, dance festival and a cultural night extravaganza which is a school wide event.  Our students also have the chance to be part of a mass choir which includes schools Auckland wide. This is a great night for both students and the school community.  

Students with a strength and disposition for the performing arts have a variety of extension programmes to be involved in.  This is a great way for these students to have an authentic purpose to develop their skills and perform.

Howick Intermediate values the performing arts and we give the students opportunities to see music, dance and drama in real life situations by connecting with the local and wider community who specialise in this field.

Hard Materials & Design


Howick APR2018 059

This programme offers students the opportunity to apply the technological process in making and designing a product.  The students via an authentic inquiry produce practical outcomes using a range of materials. Students develop their ability to effectively use these materials and their technological literacy through the integration of project planning, constructing and fulfilling an inquiry brief.  The programme allows students to be creative in their thinking and use the design making process and evaluate their outcomes. The students also get an opportunity to experience electronics and assemble robots in lunch time activities. These lunch time clubs are very popular and build on the skills students experience in the Hard Materials and Design Programme.

Food Technology & Design


Howick APR2018 064


Food Technology involves engaging students in designing, creating and evaluating processes that involve food handling and designing food to fulfill an authentic inquiry.   This gives them an exposure to different foods and skills in preparing them. They are also introduced to and trained to use a range of different food technology equipment.  Students have the opportunity to learn about food safety and nutrition from a scientific point of view and then apply that knowledge in a practical application. The students thoroughly enjoy the practical nature of this programme and clear links are made to the food and hospitality industry to make the experience authentic.  We also build in the hospitality side of food technology and provide the students with opportunities to work independently and build on the skills and knowledge learnt in the Food Technology class while learning hospitality etiquette, special event and food production & service, menu planning & design and catering.