Digital Learning


At Howick Intermediate we want students to be engaged in learning that is future-focused. Information and communication technology (ICT) and e-learning (learning supported or facilitated by ICT) are critical to ensuring they are enabled to do so.


What we use:

Google Apps Suite:

All of these are online where no extra costs are involved or programmes required.

Digital Class vs BYOD Class

Devices such as iPads and tablets are fantastic secondary devices as they can be used for activities like filming and photography. However, there are lots of things that they are unable to do in the Google Apps Suite. For example:

Your Options:

Devices suitable for the digital classes:


The device is:

Not used during morning interval and lunchtime.



Our school is in transition to using digital student portfolios. The new system of "e-portfolios" will allow the children to store aspects of their work and assessments from a range of programmes on a personal google site. At this point in the year, students are at various stages in learning the skills to upload samples of work to their sites and there will be some variability across the school.

The change has several advantages. In particular, it enables children to share their work with you easily and on an ongoing basis. When the children leave Howick, they are able to take their accumulated work with them and continue to use the site in the future.

Please visit your child's e-portfolio with them so that you can see samples of their work. Please talk about their learning and their success in achieving the criteria that were set. Simply go to and enter your child's username and password. Navigate to the Sites section where you can leave comments to acknowledge their work and provide constructive feedback about their learning to date.