2021 Showquest

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This year thirty-eight of our students attended Auckland's Showquest at Aotea Centre.

This was led by Miss Clarke with support from Miss Wiltenburg. The performance encapsulated the theme of internal battles that teens face. "To the world, people show one thing but feel another inside of themselves.  In this day and age, people think it’s alright to put each other down and claim it as a ‘joke.’ We do not realise how much it affects others and their wellbeing and the pressure people feel to fit in. Instead, we need to be kind and help each other to rise up so we all can feel valued and have an equal place in society." 

All the students performed beautifully and made our school so proud. A special mention goes to Amelia I. who was the lead dancer in our performance. She also won the award for Outstanding Rangatahi (Star of the Show).

As a school Howick Intermediate was awarded for 'The Best Use of Drama' and placed overall Second for the Intermediate Schools at the Auckland Show.