Digital Citizenship Parents Evening

Digital evening

Our digital citizenship parent evening was very informative.

This evening was run by Netsafe. Netsafe is New Zealand’s independent, non-profit online safety organisation. Taking a technology-positive approach to the challenges digital technology presents, they work to help people in New Zealand take advantage of the opportunities available through technology by providing practical tools, support, and advice for managing online challenges.

Some Key Take Aways from the presentation:

Parents you are:

Useful Links: (These links are also on our school website)

Netsafe - Online Safety for New Zealand

Netsafe is New Zealand’s independent, non-profit online safety organisation. Their parenting
portal comes with a wealth of information about your young persons online life and how you can
support them.

Parenting Place

Parenting place is a fantastic organisation who equip and encourage parents to grow great family
relationships. Their website has links to a number of courses and also articles on issues that
children face from infancy to adolescence.

Common Ground

Common Ground is a website for parents, whānau and friends – to recognise and understand
the difficult situations that young people go through in their lives.

Parent Help

The Parent Helpline provides help to all parents no matter how big the issue. They offer their
time, experience and knowledge to supporting families throughout New Zealand.


Youthline services are available for parents and family members supporting young people. If you
cannot find what you are looking for on their website they are more than happy to point you in the
right direction.