School Speech Finals

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The school speech final was held at Howick Intermediate on Thursday 5 September.

The judges (from local colleges) were really impressed on how well prepared and practised the finalists were. It was certainly a difficult decision for them to pick the winners.

The finals consisted of the students who were the winners in their year level from their whanau.

Year 7

Aarav Lal 
Mikayla Wilson
Yoshini Anantharangan
Cerys Gibby

Year 8

Mikaylah Tupu Tuia
Angelika Timofeeva
Kate Berry
Harrison Eagle

Congratulations to:

1st Place:   Harrison Eagle -  With his inspirational speech about “The Best In Me”.
2nd Place:  Angelika Timofeeva - For her interesting speech about Crocs 
3rd Place:   Kate Berry - With her informative speech about Yawning.

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