Curriculum News

Performing Arts 2

Our students have had a lot of fun in their specialist classes 

Auaha Ako- Specialist Programme

Students have been learning how to create their own bookmarks using a drawing app and the new laser cutting machine. They have created some gorgeous designs.

Visual arts

The students in this specialist class have been busy creating some wonderful pieces of artwork. Thank you Mrs Wolken for displaying these on our new art boards in our school foyer for everyone to enjoy.

Performing Arts

In Performing Arts we have been travelling through time and through the history of music. We have been looking at music genres from Swing music to Rock n Roll to Jazz to Pop. We have listened to a range of music and even had a go at composing our own pieces on Chrome Music Lab. We have learnt some new dance moves, like the Hand Jive. Drama games have been a top favourite, where we can be loud! We have also been learning Ukulele and we can now play along with Elvis and The Beatles.

Food Tech

Students have been learning to understand the importance of following a recipe accurately in order to create a high-quality product for the Food truck. Students learned how to marinate chicken, make tandoori chicken and chickpea hamburger patties.


In Science Specialist, the students are learning about the chemistry and physics of our oceans. Children are undertaking experiments in each lab centered around the properties of water, ocean acidification, global warming, water pollution, and the water cycle. It is a fabulous opportunity to practise scientific observational and inference skills.