• Howick Intermediate

    Howick Intermediate

    A school of excellence where every person is enabled to succeed in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.
  • Howick Intermediate

    Howick Intermediate

    De Bon Vouloir Servir
    "To serve with goodwill"
  • Howick Intermediate

    Howick Intermediate

    A school of excellence where every person is enabled to succeed in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.
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Howick Intermediate
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Whanau Hobson

If you are not part of the solution, are you part of the problem?



Our students inherit a world that have old and new challenges ( problems). We want our students to be equipped to understand the world that they are inheriting and the problems associated with this. We want them to realise that they could be contributing to some of these problems and that they are responsible for finding solutions. We are going to encourage students to question the world that they are living in and embrace the digital culture to solve current and future problems. They will gain knowledge of the world they live in, the challenges they face and develop the skills they need to make a difference. Conclusion: Acknowledge a problem, understand the problem, work together to find a satisfactory solution.

Term 1: 

Inquiry Focus:

  • What are the problems I inherited? How did my physical world change over time? Is it likely to change and impact me?
  • We will unpack the inquiry process along the way, learn to look critically at information and answers. We aim at developing skills to work and learn together, giving every individual the opportunity to develop optimal.

Literacy Focus:

  • We will be following the CARS program to develop and strengthen all our comprehension strategies. Reading and practising spelling in class and at home is a high priority. Independent reading activities will align with the CARS program.
  • We have a dual focus for developing effective writing skills. We will deliberately delve into the structures of the Narrative and a variety of letter writing types.


Term 2: 

Inquiry Focus:

  • Science and the scientific process.
  • What footprints will I be leaving? What are the scientific issues we face today? Am I contributing or solving these issues? What problems are humans causing? What problems am I causing? How will this impact my world as I grow up?

Literacy Focus:

  • Our reading focus will develop to novel studies doing a well known program, Literacy circles – developing critical thinking skills whilst reading quality novels.
  • In writing we will get a good understanding of descriptions, narrative and procedural writing.
  • Our spelling program will focus on topical words linking to science and math needs - Statistics/Measurement.

Term 3: 

Inquiry Focus:

  • Tourism in New Zealand: Is it a problem or a solution?
  • What is the impact on our physical world, society?
  • What can be a solution to these issues?
  • What is the Financial impact? > careers 

Literacy Focus:

  • Taking reading to the next level will mean a focussed novel and short story study. We will take a closer look at specific authors and how they structure for meaning. The gap between developing reading and writing will grow narrower. The independent activity is called book-in-a-bag.
  • In spelling we will again focus on the developing needs. Covering the vocabulary needed to explain financial literacy, tourism and sophisticated vocabulary from the novels.
  • In writing we will aim to cover writing essays, persuasive writing when writing speeches and writing a narrative to develop our writing stamina.


Term 4: 

Inquiry Focus:

  • What is next for me? My future perspective - solution minded individual, positive attempt problems.
  • What hopes and dreams do we have for our own future?
  • What jobs will we have in the future?
  • What qualifications will we need?
  • How do I prepare myself for the problems I may encounter when they don’t even exist today?

Literacy Focus:

  • There will be a strong link between reading and writing as both will focus on poets and poetry.
  • By now we would like our spelling programs to be more tailor made to address individual needs. We will still support trends in the room as well as the vocabulary they may need to write as a mathematician and researcher.