• Howick Intermediate

    Howick Intermediate

    A school of excellence where every person is enabled to succeed in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.
  • Howick Intermediate

    Howick Intermediate

    A school of excellence where every person is enabled to succeed in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.
  • Howick Intermediate

    Howick Intermediate

    De Bon Vouloir Servir
    "To serve with goodwill"
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Board of Trustees

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Andrew Ellis - Chairperson

Ellis Andrew.jpg

Hi, I'm Andrew Ellis, and I am a qualified Accountant. I am the Financial Controller for "Multivac Packaging" based in Wiri.

I have been on the Board of Trustees as Chair for a year and I am really enjoying being part of the Howick Intermediate Community. Previously, I spent three years as Board Chair at Botany Downs School. 

My wife Sarah and I have two daughters. Olivia attends H.I.S. and her younger sister Maia, is at Shelly Park. 

Being on School Boards has given me invaluable insight in to the challenges faced by Teachers and Support Staff every day. It has also allowed me to understand how much work is required by the Principal to make limited funds meet unlimited demands. 

I feel passionate about our children receiving a world class education based on traditional New Zealand values. The exciting STEAM curriculum provided to our students in our fantastic new facilities will give them a great knowledge base for future study. The decision to "get involved" with my childresn's schools has been one of the best things I have done - I certainly recommend it.


Stephanie van Wijk

Stephanie van Wijk.jpg

Hi, my name is Steph van Wijk. 

I have been married to my husband Mark for 20 years, and we have three children. Our eldest son Ethan is in Year 9 at Botany Downs Secondary College, Joel is a Year 8 at Howick Intermediate & Renee, Year 6 is at Willowbank Primary School. 

I've lived in Auckland for all my life, in Mt Roskill, Manurewa, Howick and most recently Botany. I'm a registered primary school teacher, and have taught in various schools over the last 17 years - mostly in South Auckland. At present I am teaching part time at Willowbank School. 

I believe that schools play an important role in our communities - providing a safe place for our children to thrive & grow - socially, academically and in their character. 

Having spent a number of years as a teacher, I feel like I have a good understanding of the New Zealand education system, and enjoy serving as a member of the Board of Trustees at Howick Intermediate Shcool.


Blair Telfer

Blair Telfer.jpg

I am a Chartered Civil Engineer involved in the NZ Water & Watewater industry assisting local authorities with pipeline upgrades and renewals. 

I am the father of three teenage children, the youngest of whom is currently in Year 8 of Howick Intermediate. I am also currently the Chair of Mission Heights Junior College Board of Trustees, where my elder children attend. We have lived in the Howick area for the past three years now. 

I am familiar with not only School Board process and procedures and their role in the overall management of the school but in the Board's Strategic goal setting role, having been a director of a private consultancy company previously. This experience, coupled with my enthusiasm for children's education, they are after all going to be our future, and the general structured rigour of engineering, I beleive, positions me well to serve on the H.I.S. BoT. 

Futhermore, my Civil Engineering and project management expertise allows me to support and augment the school with its key property related major projects, ensuring they are undertaken as cost effectively and with the optimal quality output as can be reasonably achieved. 

It is a privilege to be a voice for the parent cohort of H.I.S. and a role I take with pride and professionalism. I will constantly strive to serve with the needs and goals the school and it's children at the forefront of all considerations. 

 Christina Bevan

Christina Bevan.jpg

Hi, I am Christina Bevan, commonly called Chris (or Mrs Bevan for any choir, band, orchestra or previous HPS students and other local students involved in music). Married to Lee, I am the proud mother of four boys, aged 26, 20, 17 and 12. Our 12 year old, Quinn, is part of the Hobson Whanau as a Year 7 student and we are excited about the opportunities that Howick Intermediate School offers; especially in a future-focused learning environment where excellence is encouraged. 

It is a privilege to serve the school community on a Board of Trustees; representing our families and community while taking a positive part in the forward direction of the school and through strong governance, supporting the Principal and Staff in enabling each child to realise their individual potential. I am currently the Chairperson of the Howick Primary School Board and I look forward to also serving my new school community to the best of my ability. 

I am a self-employed musician/music teacher and feel incredibly fortunate to have shared my love of music with others for over 30 years; whether it be with individual students, working for 12+ years at Coca Cola Christmas in the Park, chaperoning on Matilda the Musical or Billy Elliot, working across multiple shows for Auckland Theatre Company, running musical theatre school holiday programmes or conducting and accompanying more than 500 children at the APPA festival in the Auckland Town Hall. 

I am the musical director for the NZ Young@Heart Chorus, choir director and conductor for the Howick Intermediate school bands and orchestra, musical specialist at Howick PrimarySchool, train the choir at Farmcove Intermediate and Orakei School and have been involved with leading worship at Howick Community Church for 18 years.

 Richard Tosh

Richard Tosh.jpg

I joined the Board in November 2017. I currently have a daughter in Year 8 at Howick Intermediate and a daughter in Year 3 at Botany Downs Primary School. 

I am Chairman of the Board at Botany Downs Primary School and I bring with me a number of years of Board experience. 

I am a lawyer by profession, specialising in insurance law and dispute work. I have worked at leading law firms and insurance companies in London, Hong Kong and New Zealand. I am currently a Special Counsel at DLA Piper, the only global business law firm in New Zealand. 

I was born in Scotland, but spent most of my childhood in the north east of England. I studies law at Sheffield University and then attended the College of Law in York. In 1995 I moved to London. I met my kiwi wife in 2002, and we moved to Hong Kong in 2005 where we had our eldest daughter. In 2007 we moved to New Zealand and had our younger daughter in 2010. I have lived with my family since 2009. 

I am passionate about education and student achievement and want to use my time on the Board to ensure that Howick Intermediate consolidates its position as the go-to intermediate school in the local area.  

Storm de Villiers - Staff Representative

De Villiers StormMy name is Storm de Villiers and I am originally from Johannesburg in South Africa. I moved to NZ at the beginning of 1997 with my immediate family, and certainly call this home.

I have been teaching for 12 years and love the intermediate age group. As a keen traveller, I have managed to get to a number of places around the world and to do some in between my teaching years. I take great joy in being able to share my experiences with the students, to encourage them to be inquisitive about the world around them, and to get out there and experience things for themselves.

In my role as Associate Principal, I have the opportunity to interact with all the students across the school, and I thoroughly enjoy my role, seeing students thrive in different ways as they grow in knowledge, culture, skills and ability through these years at intermediate and develop into the person they want to be.

My postgraduate study in counselling has given me many skills that I draw from daily in order to help students along this journey of self-discovery at whatever point, and in whatever wasy, I get to interact with them.