Ngata Market Day

Ngata Market Day

This term Ngata has been focusing on whether money makes us happy.

We have studied successful businessmen and women, looked at business models, were introduced to the banking system through ASB and even had a Human Resource Manager give us tips on how to be successful in applying for a position at Rainbow's End.

After all this preparation, we had the opportunity to develop our own businesses. Products were varied with the focus being to NOT spend much on our start up capital but to look at what we could create from everyday items we had around us. With this in mind we became very creative. Products we produced were: bath bombs, slime, stress balls, coasters, bird feeders, light bulb terrariums, cards, magnets and tie dye T shirts. Some businesses designed games and others food products. These were all sold at our Ngata market day last Thursday.

We had a very successful day and sold out of all our products, raising $1600.00 for Starship Children's Hospital. Our most successful business was that of Sam, Myles and Lazarus who sold hot cakes and ice cream; they did a roaring trade. Overall we learned a great deal about the needs and wants of the market place and feel confident about setting ourselves up in business in the future. A big thank you to all the households and shoppers that supported our market day.

Ngata Market Day 2