Ngata Motat Trip

Ngata Motat

Whanau Ngata had a great time at MOTAT learning all about innovations.

We were lucky enough to engage in a hands-on workshop in which we identified some everyday problems and brainstormed ways in which we could solve them. We used a range of recyclable and reusable materials to create our prototype which we then needed to 'pitch' to our audience. It was nerve-racking and challenging but extremely rewarding to see what great problem solvers we all are.

We spent part of the day looking around the amazing exhibitions and particularly enjoyed jumping on the new and innovative springless trampoline. Our adult led group tracks were fascinating as we got an insight into what the world was like a long time ago and just how far technology has come. Exploring the olden day cottages was educational and we loved sitting in the school with all the VERY strict rules and locking ourselves away in the local community jail! We really made the most of our experiences at MOTAT and learnt a lot about what skills are needed to create new and useful innovations.

Ngata Motat 2