Maths+Plus, our extension maths class, has started the school year with great enthusiasm. There are 16 exceptional mathematicians in this class who have been working on complex number concepts and problem challenges during the term.

Problem solving challenges are one of the most effective ways to cater for these high achieving students. We have completed one external problem challenge so far for the Otago Problem Solving Competition. This competition and the APSMO (Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads) run throughout the year and give these students an opportunity to compete with others outside of their regular maths class.

We have begun training for the annual Mathex Competition which the Auckland Maths Association hosts each year. This year we are able to enter two Y8 teams and one Y7 team. The students have made an excellent start with this mathex training. The competition is not until August so plenty of time to hone our skills!

Reported by
Mrs Baleicakau
Maths+Plus Teacher