Science Roadshow

Science Roadshow

For anyone keen on science - the Science Roadshow we attended last week, was a fantastic hands on experience to sample a wide range of scientific ideas.


There were so many things to try out. Some of the highlights were:

  • riding on a hovercraft
  • making liquids bubble simply by using the warmth of our hands
  • magnetising rods to pick up metal paper clips
  • watching an electric pulse move between two rods
  • using the pressure caused by dropping a heavy weight to shoot a table tennis ball out of a funnel
  • following the process of digestion through a human body (complete with sound effects)....and so much more.

Science Roadshow 2

The experience both began and ended with 2 mini demonstrations:

In Hidden Worlds, we looked at the unseen world using specialist equipment like X rays, microscopes and thermal imaging techniques... taking a journey through the human body on the end of a tube was pretty freaky!

In Spectacular Changes, we could see both physical and chemical changes and students were wowed with dry ice effects and the making of elephant toothpaste.

A big thank you to parents who transported and helped supervise our group. We're sure you had just as much fun as the students did!