South Eastern Zone Gymnastics

SEZ Gymnastics

On 4 July 2017 the South Eastern Zone gymnastics competition took place at Howick Gymnastics club. Fourteen girls transformed into gymnasts wearing the brand new HIS leotards.


The team of six year eights did themselves proud. The highest scorers were Aimee with a total score of 25.6 and Paige with deserving 25.5. Paige scored a brilliant 9.0 for her floor routine.

SEZ Gymnastics 2

The eight members of the year 7 team were determined to compete as well as the year eights and they did their routines with precision.

Their highest scorers were Brooke with a stunning total score of 26, which makes her the highest achiever of the Howick Intermediate team. Close on her heels were Bailee with 25.9 and Beth with 25.6.

Our team average is a very worthy 81%. We are very proud of this achievement.